T2 series

T2 series is the latest 2-stage compression model designed to be compact and robust with state of the art aerodynamic design and providing stable operation through Inlet guide vane. space-saving is also an advantage of this model as compared to rotary screw compressors.

Technical specifications

  • Motor Size: 125kW-230kW – 167-335hp
  • Flow Rate: 1,394-2,648m3/h – 820-1,559cfm
  • Discharge Pressure: 0.55-0.88MPaG – 80- 125psig
  • Length: 2,450mm
  • Width1: ,640mm
  • Height: 1,900mm
  • Weight: 4,500kg



Higher productivity

The T2 series offers a wider range of aero design options than previous models. In addition, there is an intake guide vane that improves efficiency and ensures stable operation to meet customers’ requirements.

High reliability

“Always focus on the requirements of the customer!”

This is the slogan we adopted when we were developing IHI DALGAKIRAN centrifugal compressors.

IHI DALGAKIRAN continues to be a dominant force in the Japanese centrifugal compressor market thanks to its superior technological advantage. IHI DALGAKIRAN’s history The quality of centrifugal compressors in DALGAKIRAN has been shaped by the strict requirements of the leading companies in automotive, semiconductor, iron and steel, refinery, petrochemical, air separation and food industries.

100% oil Free (zero class)

100% oil Free (zero class)

IHI DALGAKIRAN centrifugal compressors provide 100% oil free air for the customers. These are classified by TÜV, the independent third-party testing center in Germany, as oil-free according to the latest ISO8573-1 class 0 that is the highest degree in terms of compressed air purity, and they minimize the risk of oil contamination in your products or in the products of your customers.

Energy saving

Optimum pressure settings

IHI DALGAKIRAN Centrifugal compressors feature different variations that allow it to adapt to the air pressure of plant.

Discharge pressure 0.69MpaG (red curves in the figures on the right)

Discharge pressure 0.59MpaG (green curves in the figures on the right)

Operation examples

Example 1: discharge pressure 0.69 MPaG, compressor is operated at 0,59 MPaG discharge pressure

Example 2: discharge pressure 0.59 MPaG, compressor is operated at 0,59 MPaG discharge pressure

The air flow in Example 2 is about 3.5% higher than the flow in Example 1.

Compared to the same shaft power, the air flow increase is about 7%.

Optimum aero design settings

The IHI DALGAKIRAN centrifugal compressor allows you to select the aero design of the compressor according to the plant’s air requirements.

Operation examples

Example 1: The most effective model on a specific point

Example 2: A model with a wider reduction range.

The shaft power on the specific point of Example 1 is about 4% less than of the power in Example 2.

The reduction range in Example 2 is about 7% wider than in Example 1.

It is very important to maximize the energy saving by choosing the most suitable model according to the estimated air requirement of the plant.

Simple And Reliable Design - T2

The T2 series consists of important components such as air cooler, main motor, control panel, gear box and suction filter, all of which are in one compact package. This simple design reduces the requirement for installation space and installation time. The product is highly reliable for the customers thanks to its robust gear where a shaft bearing with a flat pad and customized basic parts (propeller, diffuser) are used. These parts are designed according to the wear prevention technology which ensures long life and stable operation.

IHI DALGAKIRAN centrifugal compressor offers a simple and reliable design that ensures easy maintenance, stable operation and maximum running time.

Simple and reliable design - Link

Compressor Frame

The gearbox and air coolers are placed in a single robust and compact structure. The thick and seamless wall surrounding the compressor unit and airways is also effective in reducing noise levels.

Suction Filter

The cartridge type elements used in the suction filter may be easily replaced.

Air coolers

The coolers shall be cleaned regularly so that the compressor can operate reliably. The air coolers installed in IHI DALGAKIRAN centrifugal compressors are designed to allow the water to flow through the pipes and to be easily cleaned thanks to their simple structures.

Intake Guide Vane

Air source can be controlled according to the consumption by the intake guide vane (intake throttling valve) The intake guide vane also increases efficiency by rotating the air taken into the compressor in the same direction as the propeller.

Shaft bearing with a flat pad

A shaft bearing with a flat pad that provides high speed and stable operation is used. Shaft bearing with a flat pad moves according to the variation of the bearing load, which ensures perfect adaptation to the load changes in the compressor.


Designed using the extensive IHI DALGAKIRAN experience and the most advanced CFD technology, the three-dimensional propeller is among the world’s best in terms of efficiency and operating range. Thanks to the titanium and strong stainless steel material used, you do not have to worry about wear or corrosion.


Speed energy charged to air by the rotation of the impeller is efficiently converted into pressure energy by the diffuser. As the propeller and diffuser are analysed together using advanced CFD technology, the air turbulence remains at an absolute minimum level and very little noise is generated during operation.

Labyrinth gasket

Since labyrinth type gasket is used which does not come into contact with the shaft to provide airtightness and oil tightness, no wear occurs and periodic replacement is not required.

Low Maintenance - T2

T2 series has been designed to be the more simple and robust option, therefore, minimizing maintenance cost and time as compared to rotary screw compressors which needs regular replacement for the capital parts.

Energy saving for the users by customizations - T2

IHI DALGAKIRAN is proud to offer renowned rotary machinery technologies tailored to different areas, such as jet engines, turbochargers and compressors, as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rotary machinery.

One of the most important features of IHI DALGAKIRAN centrifugal compressors is “Customization for the user”. The IHI DALGAKIRAN centrifugal compressor may provide optimized designs that meet your facility’s varying air requirements by combining more than 1,500 designed aero components developed using Computerized Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods based on IHI DALGAKIRAN’s extensive experience. IHI DALGAKIRAN will always offer you the “best compressor solution”.

User/friendly operation - Link

User-friendly operation

The IHI DALGAKIRAN centrifugal compressor is an all-in-one system that accommodates all elements inside the gear box thanks to the gearbox, integrated suction filter, discharge muffler, air cooler, lubrication system, control panel and other components on the common frame. Minimizes the space required for installation and provides ease of maintenance.

Advanced control panel

IHI DALGAKIRAN places great importance to the daily use of the control panel which is optimized according to the requirements of the users with various functions.

Higher Efficiency - T2

T2 series offers wide range of aero design compared to the previous models. In addition, inlet guide vane is installed as standard for higher efficiency and stable operation in order to meet customer needs.

100% Oil Free

IHI centrifugal compressors supply 100% oil free air to the customers. They are classified under the latest ISO8573-1 Class 0 oil free, which is the highest grade for the purity of compressed air, by an independent third-party test house TÜV in Germany, minimizing the risk of oil contamination.


Motor Size125kW-230kW167-335hp
Flow Rate1,394-2,648m3/h820-1,559cfm
Discharge Pressure0.55-0.88MPaG80--125psig


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